AT&T Discovery District Continues To (Admirably) Invest In World-Class Creative For Giant Screens

May 6, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Big tip of the hat to the folks who budget and then run the media displays at the AT&T Discovery District in Dallas, for the investment continuing to go into the creative on the displays.

Lots of projects launch with ambitious creative that gets the desired Wow from the viewers, and from the people who approved the spend, but many lack the ongoing operating budget dollars to keep the screens fresh. Or the owners are won over by the allure of advertising revenue, and portion off what started as art experiences to marketing pitches.

Though the area is bankrolled by a telecoms giant that could be using those screens to peddle wireless plans and DIRECTV, the experiential zone in downtown Dallas has so far seemed to remain steadfastly about art and experience, and the backers have used some of the best motion graphics shops in the world to populate the screens with interesting material.

This hour-long generative data piece is just wild …

This is a reel from the US/Russian (an interesting dynamic these days!) creative shop Sila Sveta:

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