Virtual Mike Blackman To Hover At ISE Next Week, Greeting Attendees

May 4, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The people in charge of big trade shows are always kind of floating around the exhibition venue, but next week in Barcelona, ISE show director Mike Blackman will be floating at the main entryway greeting attendees.

Well, sort of …

The British firm HYPERVSN has worked a product positioning deal to get a version of what it calls a Holographic Human running at the main entrance to ISE – running a chroma key-capture video of Blackman welcoming visitors to the show. The set-up is a stacked version of those madly-spinning, fan-like LED light sticks marketed by HYPERVSN.

If this is like other ones I have seen from the company, the spinning light sticks are inside an acrylic case, so no one loses a finger or nose tip. The capture and presentation of these things tends to make the subject appear to be hovering. The AV nerds walking in might think he’s been VESA mounted to the vertical column behind him.

I won’t belabor the point, but these are not true holograms. However, I can respect they need some sort of semi-familiar term for marketing purposes. The technology always draws curious crowds at trade shows (not that I’ve been to one in forever).

HYPERVSN has a booth at ISE next week in Hall 5, stand 5N290.


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