Materials Firm WL Gore Uses Big Video Walls And Matrix Screen Set-Ups For Award-Winning Briefing Center

May 2, 2022 by Dave Haynes

This is a very impressive blend of architectural and experiential design put together by a team for the new corporate briefing center of W. L. Gore & Associates, a materials science company.

The center in Newark, Delaware is designed to help share the company’s heritage and innovations with partners, customers, and visitors. It recently won the Association of Briefing Program Managers’ (ABPM) World Class Briefing Center Award for 2022

A bunch of companies were involved, and the ones most relevant and familiar to the digital signage ecosystem are Philly-based creative technology shop Bluecadet and integrator Diversified, based up the road in New Jersey.

This is impressive for a bunch of reasons …

There is motion-triggered reactive lighting, more interactive lighting that creates halos around products on a showcase wall.

But in the context of digital signage, the center has:

Here’s a Linkedin post noting the suppliers, and including a video:

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