Samsung Starts Bundling Planning, Install Work With Its Premium “The Wall” LED Displays

April 27, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Many to most of the LED display manufacturers selling outside of China have, in recent years, started marketing bundled, fixed-size screens and gear as a way to simplify the buying and planning of an unfamiliar product for both resellers and end-users. Now Samsung – at least the German business unit – has gone to the next step of rolling in (for a fee) the planning and installation of its premium LED video wall product, The Wall.

The Blue Glove installation service is being described by Samsung as a way “to provide business customers with the best possible support when getting started with micro LED technology. As standard, the service includes, in addition to a site analysis, the installation of the modular display and professional commissioning by trained employees.”

The press announcement was for the German market but a quick Google suggests it is also available in the UK. I did not find anything regarding North America or other regions or countries, so let me know, Samsung friends.

Says the PR:

With The Wall, Samsung offers business customers flexibly adaptable high-end displays based on micro LEDs. From now on, they will receive extensive support when getting started with high-resolution technology from the Blue Glove installation service. Together with the customers, experts answer questions such as: Which micro LED display is best suited to your own requirements and which location is suitable?

Regardless of whether it is a lobby, meeting room or executive office: The technicians trained by Samsung develop a solution for almost every environment. Samsung also takes care of the installation and configuration of the devices.

“Our Blue Glove installation service stands for an individually tailored all-round service,” says Soung Hyun Oh, Product Manager CE Displays at Samsung Electronics GmbH. “Thanks to its modular structure, The Wall can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of a room. With the new service package, we want to ensure that customers are satisfied and enthusiastic about their new technological solution.”

Samsung’s Blue Glove installation service includes as standard:

1. A site analysis: A site assessment must be carried out prior to installation. This is for planning security and preparation;

2. Installation and commissioning: Samsung carries out the installation and readjustment of the micro LED cabinets – including mounting them on the Samsung Frame Kit wall mount and configuring the S-Box to play out content via different channels;

3. Verification after installation: Samsung verifies the functionality of the display to ensure smooth operation.

The UK video, from June 2021 (so this has been around for a while) says the works in done by “trusted third party service operators.” That would perhaps calm concerns that Samsung is getting deeper into the services offered by integrators, solutions providers and deployment firms.

Premium LED products like The Wall and rival products from companies like LG and Sony are still very expensive and best planned and installed by techs with direct experience, so this makes quite a bit of sense. You don’t want to invest $500,000 (or whatever the number is) for a wall-filling display and have the install team showing up asking for a manual and install guides. We have all seen crap install jobs where cables are dangling and tiled LCDs and LEDs don’t quite line up, so imagine the glee of end-users seeing six or seven figure jobs that don’t look quite right.

I am guessing this sort of thing is informally in place, anyway, with many manufacturers, as both buyer and seller want to ensure these go in right. One of the attractions here might be that the manufacturers can show the services revenue, even if the work is subbed out.

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