Fine Pitch LED Takes Over From LCD, Rear-Projection Systems At Houston Automation Firm

April 26, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Fine pitch LED is now at a price-point and resolution that it is replacing set-ups like LCD video walls and projection cubes for such uses as corporate showrooms and presentation spaces – as is the case with an automation company in the Houston area.

Emerson Automation Solutions engaged integrator AVI Systems to design and put in a pair of video walls to replace the visual technology in its Immersive Theater and what’s called the Solutions Center.

The theater is three adjacent 1.04mm pitch SNA Displays video walls set at 90-degree angles to create a highly immersive viewer experience, with an interactive touch-panel table that uses MultiTaction software that can throw visuals to the LED wall. The overall canvas is 7-feet-tall screens by about 31 feet wide.

The Solutions Center swapped a set of aging 70-inch rear-screen-projection monitors with a 7’4″ tall by 26’3” long video wall that’s on a slight concave curve. The wall is also from SNA and uses VuWall and a Crestron control system.

Both of the video walls also have pan-tilt-zoom cameras and Cisco video teleconference capabilities.

RP Visual Solutions provided mounting systems for the project, including custom floor stands for both display systems.

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