Nebraska Transport Company Using Digital Signage To Reach 1,000s Of Drivers When They’re At Facilities

April 25, 2022 by Dave Haynes

This is a relevant working example of how a company uses digital signage to reach a workforce that is very much deskless – some 5,200 truck drivers on the road for a Nebraska transportation company.

Crete Carrier, based in Lincoln, uses screens at 17 distribution locations and at the head office to get messaging out to drivers who spend the great majority of their working hours behind the wheel.

Screens are placed in high traffic areas, like the drivers’ lounge and the drivers’ main entry-point to the building, with the goal of engaging and informing them in the brief periods when they’re around company facilities. Each sign has a weather widget, news ticker, and company information. All the content is produced internally.

My free advice to the end-user is the screen layouts are too busy, and those elements broken into zones would be more effective if they were each presented full-screen and bigger. Just because software supports multiple zones doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to use that functionality.

The news ticker is likely a waste of time for drivers who spend hours and hours on highways and in traffic listening to news and talk radio, if that stuff interests them. Drivers, I suspect, also pay a lot of steady attention to weather reports, so simple forecasts are probably not all that insightful. But I’d look at putting more contextual weather and traffic information on there, like warnings or new road construction and detours, that might help in routing and timing decisions.

Crete went very local in its software selection, running the screens on Nanonation’s platform. Nano is based in downtown Lincoln.

Here’s a video case study:

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