Mitsui Foundation Lights Up 10 Big LED Displays With Custom Content In NYC Lobby

April 22, 2022 by Dave Haynes

This is a very nice, quite different take on using digital display to enliven a corporate office tower lobby. While a lot of projects these days are about one very large, wall-filling display as the showpiece, the Mitsui Foundation’s renovated lobby at 1251 Avenue of the Americas in New York uses 10 LED displays notched into the walls.

New York creative and interactive shop Bravo Media was engaged almost two years ago to develop and produce a custom content collection to run on the Planar displays, with 18 custom creative pieces at launch, including data-driven scenes reflecting the weather, transit times and motion.

Bravo also developed a custom CMS to provide multiple levels of control, along with templated scenes for immediate on-site usage. The client has also budgeted in – impressively, and wisely – monthly content updates for holidays, special occasions, and seasonal shifts.

“The demands on modern AV installations are reaching new heights,” says Bravo’s Chief Engagement Officer David Title. “And the bar continues to rise. Not only do clients need the best hardware and technology, they need that hardware and technology brought to life with amazing content, creative activations, and manageable control systems. That’s why partnerships between integrators and creative studios like Bravo are so essential to everyone’s success.”

Here’s a video of the job …

  1. Ryno says:

    Love the content execution, the colors really justify the screens.

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