Tech Giant Hewlett Packard Using Big LED To Immerse, Inspire At Houston HQ

April 19, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Tech giant Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has worked a series of large LED displays into its global headquarters in the Houston area, with a goal of providing immersive experiences, as well as artistic and inspirational pieces, and branded content.

The displays are all from SNA Displays, are using Scala as the CMS, and were put in by integrator i.e.Smart Systems.

The big wow moment comes in the lobby, with a 28-foot tall and 13-foot wide 2.5mmm pitch LED. Along the scale, the display is a bit different from most lobby installations that tend to use a landscape set-up.

There are three other installs around the HPE building:

The Fishbowl is an immersive installation including two LED walls and an LED floor with glue-on-board pixel packaging, also made with a 2.5mm pixel pitch. Each face within the Fishbowl is approximately 7 feet by 11 feet with a resolution of 900 x 1,440 pixels.

The Immersive Theater is HPE’s in-house cinema-style room, equipped with stadium seating. The 1.25mm pitch display has a 15-foot radius. It is roughly seven feet tall and 50 feet wide. To enhance the Immersive Theater experience has a 15.5-channel theater sound system. On the outside of the theater is a new, convex-curved 1.25mm LED video wall with a 13-foot radius.

The PlayGround, a space designed as an executive briefing center, has a 1.25 mm pixel pitch video screen that’s 7’5″ tall by 13’1″ wide. Included in the space are interactive screens and tables, informative signage displays, Oculus experience systems, and even HPE/ Mercedes’ full-sized F1 Car located at the entrance.

“HPE has created an atmosphere that conveys ‘cutting edge technology’ but in a way that really blends well within its architecture,” says Jason Helton, EVP at SNA Displays. “A well-integrated digital display network works when the pieces feel natural instead of jarring, when you sense you’re in a high-tech space before you’re even consciously aware of it. That’s the key to incorporating LED technology into a brand-enhancing experience, and this project is a perfect example.” 

HPE has also schemed in a large-format exterior LED spectacular for the HPE campus for later this year.

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