German Firm Markets Manufacturer-Agnostic Device Management Platform For Digital Signage, Kiosks

April 13, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Via Invidis

A Hamburg, Germany firm called Accenta is marketing a device and supporting platform – called Kiosk IQ – that makes it possible to monitor, diagnose and control digital signage systems in real time, regardless of manufacturer and location.

“24/7 monitoring, cloud alarm rules with escalation management and notifications via email or SMS provide immediate warnings and enable immediate problems to be addressed before they escalate,” Jessica Kalla, Managing Director of Accenta, told the German language publisher Invidis. “Thanks to the remote diagnosis of all devices, the service employee already knows why a display is black before the customer even notices. The display and player can be restarted or adjusted via remote control without any unscheduled on-site visits. This means that more than 50 percent of the regular service costs can be saved.”

The small Kiosk IQ-Box can integrate into existing digital signage installations and works with many commercial display models from manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Dynascan or Philips.  

“The user puts together his variable dashboard from widgets that are relevant to him – whether climate data and status displays of the displays or memory utilization of the player. In addition, location and clusters can be filtered, for example by alarm status or zip code,” adds Kalla.

The intelligence of the box can be configured from a large number of module components.

This is interesting. There are some software platforms out there with very good device management capabilities, and also integrators and solutions providers with their own toolsets. But there are lots of screens and kiosks that sit dark or have error messages on them because of a lack of monitoring and remote remedy tools.

No idea on cost for the hardware or platform, but there are three service tiers – basic, pro and enterprise.

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