OAAA Suggests OOH Ads Noticed Much More Now Than Pre-Pandemic

April 11, 2022 by Dave Haynes

New research from the Out Of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and the market research firm Harris suggest Americans are noticing out of home advertising much more now than pre-pandemic, and particularly so with younger generations and in big cityies.

The latest OAAA and Harris Poll research says “43% of US adult consumers are noticing OOH ads more than before the pandemic, and that number jumps to 59 percent with Millennials, 62 percent in cities with populations of one million plus, and 63 percent with Gen Z. Consumer mobility continues to grow with four of five workers reporting they’ll be commuting at least part time this spring, and almost two-thirds (63%) report they’ll be commuting daily.”

The OAAA material doesn’t get into why this is the case, and I have no idea. I could see it being up from lockdown periods, but this is suggesting way more people seeing OOH media more than before COVID turned up. Maybe people are just happy to be out and noticing what’s around them more than before???

Taking a shot at the industry’s main competitor for ad dollars, the research also suggests “consumers are reporting high levels of annoyance and fatigue with ad-sponsored digital media content. About eighty percent (78%) of consumers state they are annoyed with ads that interrupt their viewing, listening, and reading experiences.”

The only thing surprising there is that 22% of those interviewed are not irritated by interstitial ads.

Details and other insights provided by the OAAA in a recent newsletter:

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