Wavy OLED Video Wall Greets Visitors At AVI-SPL’s New Dallas Digs

April 8, 2022 by Dave Haynes

This is the lobby of the new Dallas offices of big pro AV integrator AVI-SPL, which starts the Wow Factor at the entry using a wavy, nine-panel OLED video wall.

“We contract for a good deal of high-end signage and content, and there’s no better proof of our skill and ability to think outside the box than filling our own corporate lobby with show-stopping technology,” says AVI-SPL Engineering Manager Erich Schriefer. “We recognized that these spaces could be product and expertise showcases for every partner, client or guest that visits the building, and worked with a variety of our suppliers to outfit different areas with various technologies.”

The Wave Wall has nine 55-inch curved LG OLED panels in a 3×3 configuration, forming a 12-foot-tall, portrait-oriented 4K display. This was the first time an AVI-SPL team has worked with curved OLED video wall technology, and the team partnered with Draper to design a mounting solution that allows the entire wall to smoothly swivel out six feet from its resting position for maintenance and demonstrations. “It was super interesting and exciting to actually bend the OLED displays on site, under the guidance of on-site LG professionals,” Schriefer adds. “There’s a curve table that the display attaches to, then a ratchet you turn, and it bends the display to the precise curve you need. Assistance from Draper and LG was critical to the success of this part of the project.”

There’s also a digital wayfinding screen on a nearby lobby wall, and inside the offices, a ground floor meeting room that has LG’s 136-inch All-In-One DVLED display.

“AVI-SPL’s lobby has the feel of a high-end retail experience or a Silicon Valley HQ reception area, and it virtually guarantees a stellar first impression for visiting clients and partners,” suggests Dan Smith, VP of business development for LG Business Solutions USA. “Whether they are hosting consultants, architects, builders or end users, the lobby and meeting room show that AVI-SPL is not only capable of great feats, but is also on top of all the latest tools and has strong relationships with leading manufacturers.”

Likening these digs to a money-is-no-real-object reception area in Silicon Valley is a bit of a reach (observe …), but I certainly agree with the general notion that first impressions are important and when customers and partners come for a visit, the OLED wall would certainly be a conversation-starter.

“These first impression areas have already created a buzz among our various visitors, and we’ve received some unexpected RFPs specifically because visitors were impressed with our facilities,” Schriefer says. “Each product was carefully chosen for a distinct purpose, and it shows. The OLED Wave Wall is perfect for the lobby because its high-definition picture quality allows visitors to walk right up to it, while the conference room DVLED provides brightness and clarity for participants whether they are close to the display or across the room.”

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