Raydiant Adds ArtPlayer’s Streaming Artworks To App Marketplace

April 8, 2022 by Dave Haynes

San Francisco-based CMS software and solutions shop Raydiant has put together a content partnership with a Danish firm, ArtPlayer, that’s mainly focused on using digital art to interest and calm customers and visitors in environments like healthcare and hospitality.

ArtPlayer is now part of Raydiant’s app marketplace, says PR, enabling users to activate streamed art images from some of the best-known artists of our time. As a Raydiant customer with an ArtPlayer subscription, you can use any Raydiant-enabled screen to display the art image of your choice in pristine 4K resolution. Choose the art you wish to display by title, artist, or mood. When selecting moods such as Happy, Calm, Exciting, etc., the app will automatically generate a visual art image that corresponds to it. The display can also be set so that complementary music matching the mood is played in the background. The title of the work and the artist are both displayed on screen along with optional custom messages. Whether you want to switch out the art image, change the background music, or update your on-screen message—manage your ArtPlayer displays your way.

Healthcare has been ArtPlayer’s main focus: Artwork in hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices is shown to reduce patient discomfort, relieve stress, and entertain them while they wait for their appointment. This plays a significant role in reducing their perceived wait time due to how much patients enjoy being immersed in a positive environment. In one report, ArtPlayer visuals helped relax patients and reduced their heart rate while having their blood drawn. Others find that art increases joy and decreases stress in dementia patients.

Raydiant also sees opportunity and demand in hospitality environments like hotels and spas, retail and workplace. Research shows that employees work 15% faster with art-decorated offices, with 78% of them noting a reduction in stress, and 67% of them reporting better workplace morale as a result. 

ArtPlayer also has signage software partnerships with SignageLive, ScreenCloud, OOHScreen and Airtame.

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