Get These 5 Key Questions Answered to Ensure Your First Digital Signage Project Thrives

April 7, 2022 by Dave Haynes

GUEST POST: Lauren Duffey, Spectrio

Regardless of industry, all businesses know they need to stand out from their competition if they want to attract customers. Creating an engaging digital signage project is a great way to do that. Especially considering that 80% of customers reported entering a store after viewing a digital sign. 

However, in order to craft one of these eye-catching, crowd-pleasing projects, there are some key questions your business needs to answer before your content will be ready to launch. 

1 – Where Should I Place My Screens In My Store?

Before you begin crafting your digital signage project, you need to identify where the best spots are for your screens. Are your customers more drawn to a window display? Would a large screen directly inside the doors be the best way to grab their attention? Or would a behind-the-counter menu board be your best option? Once you’ve identified the best hot spots, you can place–or move!–your screens accordingly. The right location will maximize the impact of your digital signage project. 

2 – What Kind of Content Can I Make and Display?

The appearance of your digital signage project will greatly vary depending on your industry, target audience, and screen type. A robust digital signage provider will have the capabilities to help your business create whatever kind of content that best fits your needs. This can range from live social feeds, interactive wayfinding kiosks, promotional announcements, and more. Regardless of what your digital signage project looks like, you should be able to design and distribute it exactly where you want. 

3 – How Easy Is It To Create Content?

This may seem like an obvious question, but it’s an important one when it comes to designating a project lead for your digital signage content. Some digital signage solutions come pre-loaded with templates that your staff can easily adjust to your brand guidelines. Others may require a more experienced user–like a Graphic Designer–to take the lead, creating a visual from scratch.

4 – How Can I Manage Necessary Updates to My Project?

The beauty of digital signage is its adaptability, especially when compared to traditional, static signage. If your project relates to a seasonal sale or offer, you may find it necessary to make updates as the event progresses. A good digital signage solution will allow your business to make these updates and changes with ease. An even better provider will ensure that these changes can be rapidly made across all of your screens at all of your locations. 

5 – Does My System Have Offline Capabilities?

No business wants to face the possibility of dark, empty screens. While building your digital signage project, it’s vital to establish whether or not your solution will continue to display visuals even without an internet connection. WiFi networks do, unfortunately, face outages from time to time. With offline capabilities, your business will be able to still showcase your project on your screens, with or without internet access. 

Launching Your Digital Signage Project

Once your business has thoroughly answered these five questions, your digital signage project is ready to be shared with your customers! You’ll also be able to easily launch future projects, thanks to this established routine. Digital signage content has been proven to enhance both business performance and customer perception, and your project will be no different.

About the Author

Lauren is Vice President of Sales at Spectrio, a leading digital signage provider. Her expertise is in pipeline generation, sales and marketing alignment, and accurately tracking sales performance via established KPIs.

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