Largest Ikea On Planet Needs Dozens Of Displays Just For Cafeteria

April 6, 2022 by Dave Haynes

I get tired and bewildered just thinking about a 700,000 sq. ft., five-level Ikea. As you might imagine, a store that big needs a lot of screens to do some of the basic work, like sell plates of Swedish meatballs.

The first IKEA in The Philippines, along the reclaimed Manila waterfront, opened in November as the largest location of the global home furnishings retailer’s vast store portfolio. Like most (or maybe all Ikeas), there is a cafeteria that serves up plates of meatballs and treats like cinnamon buns for the weary and confused who have tried and failed to navigate the store’s trademark labyrinth.

Manila-based digital signage solutions provider Mediacast Digital Group won the contract to supply and install the display and management technology to promote the busy dining area and drive orders. Mediacast used 35 of Taiwan-based Cayin’s SMP-2300 players, 59 Panasonic 43” displays, seven LG 55” displays, and 6 kiosks located throughout the store.

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