Schindler Gets Second Partnership With DOOH Firms Using Its Elevator Digital Signage Solution

April 4, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Elevator equipment manufacturer Schindler appears to be serious about offering a screen product for elevator cab interiors – with word of a second national network partnership for ads in residential and commercial buildings.

Following news last month of the Swiss company equipping a German DOOH screen network, Schindler has announced a similar deal in India with a Hyderabad-based out of home  company Adonmo to market a solution built around what’s called the Schindler Ahead MediaScreen.

“Schindler Media Network turns elevators in offices and residential buildings into communication platforms,” says Ashok Ramachandran of Schindler India. “Today, there is limited digital outdoor advertising in residential and office buildings in India. With this offering, we will open a new communication and advertising channel, setting the standard in the field of digital communication in elevators.”  

“Schindler’s deep understanding of the elevator space and wide presence would greatly help establish this media segment in India. We are excited about the partnership and see great potential in it,” says Sandeep Bommireddi, co-founder of Adonmo.

The screen network, says a story in Campaign India, is live in eight cities.

The big elevator manufacturers, notably Otis, have dabbled a little in including screens in elevators through the last 20+ years, but for the most part have left the technology piece to media companies like Captivate that go in and retrofit existing elevator cabs with the displays, connectivity and power management.

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