Delta Airlines Adds 250-Foot LED Ribbon To Its LAX Check-in Experience

April 2, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The check-in counters in the Delta Airlines section of LAX are getting a much-needed facelift, with renovations that include a 250-foot LED video ribbon behind the counters.

The wall – reminiscent of what was done at Orlando’s airport – but with LED instead of countless LCDs in portrait mode – brand the airline, have custom creative that was produced in house, and a data layer show real-time flight data.

The airline this past week had a preview of the first phase of its LAX redevelopment work — which includes the consolidated check-in area, baggage claims, security checkpoints and a new Sky Club for its frequent flyers.

The big LED wall is Nanolumens and the CMS driving content is Four Winds Interactive, which I think has worked with Delta for many years. I like this sort of thing because it is easily changeable and content can be tuned to need. If it is not a busy period with a lot of flights, it can do branding and experiential content. But in busy periods, or when new equipment is introduced or existing equipment is acting up, the screens can do operational messaging aimed at travelers.

The frequent flyer blog Points Guy has a detailed look with lotsa pix of the set-up at checkin and elsewhere.

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  1. Chris Freeamn says:

    That is really impressive. Retired for 2 years from the airline industry. What some carriers are doing is impressive.

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