How LED Displays Are Transforming The Digital OOH Industry

April 1, 2022 by guest author, Sankey Rambhia

GUEST POST: Sanket Rambhia, Xtreme Media (INDIA)

Advertising has been an essential component for achieving business success and outreach for a long time. Out-of-home (OOH) advertising has been a mainstay, and the scale of  available advertisement billboards globally is evidence of that. Businesses are increasingly demanding these attention-pulling ad displays.

The growth of LED technology has driven revolutionary change for Digital OOH Industry. Using LED displays has a variety of clear benefits:

One Billboard, Many Ads

By incorporating LED displays for advertising, a single billboard can be a canvas for multiple ads, due to complete control over the billboard segments. This is a huge advantage against analog billboards that can only show one visual at a time.


High brightness, freedom to incorporate motion-based advertisements, and vibrant color clarity all attract the eyes of people on their feet or in vehicles in ways not possible with static, printed billboards and posters.

Centralized Management

DOOH solutions have the considerable advantage of running on a centralized content management system. Due to this flexibility, the manual work and costs of changing static advertisements are the tasks of a bygone era. Using centralized software tools, what’s up on screens can be adjusted to changing markets and consumer demands, and other factors specific to a particular region.

Higher ROI Per Square Feet

The flexibility of having multiple ads on a single LED display, higher clarity, higher engagement factor, and other factors all contribute to making the Return On Investment case for LED over static advertising, when the math looks at the costs of each per square foot of visual ad space.

Higher Visibility, In Any Situation

With brightness levels easily controlled and adjusted, LED displays have a higher operating effectiveness because the creative on screen can cut through just about anything nature throws at it – such as high fog, misty rain, and other conditions that would make a static display all but disappear.   


The operating and business arguments for full motion digital billboards over old style conventional billboards are clear and compelling.

About The Writer

Sanket Rambhia is the CEO of Xtreme Media Pvt. ltd. – an India-leading LED video wall manufacture and digital software company. He is proven to have an excellent strategic vision, which brought Xtreme Media from unstructured to completely structured over the past decade.

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