Swiss Timepieces Store In Vegas Blends Physical With Digital In Clever Window Display

March 22, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Via Sixteen:Nine’s German content partner invidis …

Back when traveling was routine, I tended to stay at the Wynn in Las Vegas, because I’ve long been on some mailing list from the casino resort that regularly offers me room rates that actually work within a pay-my-own-way travel budget. So I have walked countless times down a Wynn shopping arcade lined with jewelry and apparel stores that are pricey enough to need security guards lurking in the shops.

The luxury shops have big picture windows in them, and one of them – as noted by invidis – now has a mixed reality (is that the right term) installation, blending a physical merchandising table and timepieces with a big fine pitch LED wall immediately behind it.

From invidis:

Watches of Switzerland was looking for a dynamic method to attract the attention of customers and to present the noble timepieces appropriately. A real table and real clocks are displayed on the front of the window, while the content on the screen behind them interacts with them. The combination of physical and digital elements creates a 3D illusion that draws customers’ attention directly to the pieces on display.

The Dynamix Pro display consists of LED panels that enable high-resolution video content. “Because the configuration of the LED panels is flexible, we were able to deliver a display size that perfectly fits the Watches of Switzerland window,” Outform explains on their website. The video content can be updated and managed remotely; thus the customer can adapt the content according to the season or for different campaigns.

Outform took the project from idea to final installation in three months, with strategy, content creation, engineering and installation all done in-house.

Very clever!


  1. Jeremy Gavin says:

    I love the mix of the physical watches and the digital. Blending between the two ‘worlds’ is what is making those shoppers stop and take notice. Kudos to Outform!

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