GSTV Extends The Shopper Influence Of Its Screens Beyond Gas Station Lots

March 21, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The digital OOH media network built around getting people pumping gas to go inside to buy consumer goods in the station’s c-store has expanded the media pitch to say it can also influence at purchases at nearby, unrelated stores.

The long-running network GSTV – short for Gas Station TV – has screens integrated with the fuel dispensers at some 28,000 locations across the U.S. and says it reaches more than 100 million unique viewers monthly.

Now the Detroit-based firm has announced the launch of GSTV AMPLIFY – ad targeting capability that allows consumer packaged goods brands to market goods sold not inside the station, but at nearby big box grocers and mass merchandisers.

Through AMPLIFY, says GSTV, brand marketers get the “ability to work in concert with existing brand plans means it can influence purchase decisions immediately at convenience retailers as well as significantly impact decisions directly prior to purchase across top retailers from big box, drug, dollar and grocery. 2 in 3 GSTV viewers will shop on the day they fuel up and spend much more than on a non-fueling day. CPG advertising on GSTV influences sales for brands regardless of the retailer a consumer chooses to visit during their post fuel-up shopping day.”

“In today’s oversaturated media environment, catching a consumer’s full attention has become rare, but GSTV has spent years delivering demonstrable outcomes for advertisers. We offer a highly engaged environment that leads to sales lift, increased store visitation, brand lift, and intent to purchase,” says Sean McCaffrey, President and CEO of GSTV. “AMPLIFY allows us to take our years of best practices and results to offer CPG advertisers an effective solution to augment their current retail media strategies, engage over 100MM consumers and boost sales.”

As evidence of the impact, GSTV notes how the ice cream brand Nightfood did a four-week test campaign on GSTV screens “that included a custom video ad with the objective of driving product awareness and sales lift. Nightfood saw a sales lift of over 20% at a top regional grocery retailer compared to the eight weeks of store sales prior to the GSTV campaign.”

Last fall, GSTV formed a partnership with shopper intelligence and omni-channel media provider Catalina, giving retailers and CPG brands enhanced measurement metrics that validated the impact of specific GSTV ads on in-store sales.

GSTV was already on numerous demand and supply-side programmatic ad exchanges, so it’s not like CPG media planners couldn’t pull this together on their own – something like targeting all groceries in specific markets that are within a certain radius of the screens. But this would be more cohesive and tied in to the shopper  data.

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