London Underground Projection Markets Windows Errors

March 16, 2022 by Dave Haynes

As relayed by a reader: A reminder for screen network operators – if reminding is needed – that shit happens.

This is on the London Underground, on a platform at Green Park station. The media company with the ad concession for the subway platforms has in its portfolio billboard-sized projections that go across the track on to the curved walls of “The Tube.”

In this case, something is locked up and the play-out application can’t find the hard drive. Or something. As already noted, software hangs up and shit ensues, but ideally there are counter-measures that prevent commuters from looking at a Windows desktop.



  1. Neil Bron Chatwood says:

    How these networks don’t have proactive monitoring and issue resolution is beyond me.

  2. Marlon Brando says:

    Hi Neil,

    I can imagine there is networking tools on these panels. There’s 3000+ units to monitor though and then fix on top of that. It won’t and cannot be instant. Even with the best software in the word automatically rebooting the software, you can envisage it’s not perfect.

    Besides, it gives you the opportunity to make it sound like you know better

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