Portugal’s Moviik Wants More Digital Signage Firms Rolling In Its Queueing Software

March 9, 2022 by Dave Haynes

I have clear memories of talking to queue management hardware and software companies years ago at trade shows, who looked at me then like I was wearing a cocktail dress and heels when I suggested there was an interesting tie-up to be done with digital signage applications. They just didn’t see the relationship between the technologies.

Years later, perhaps accelerated by all the access and capacity controls that came up in the pandemic, queue management is very much a thing for companies providing digital signage solutions. Or it certainly should be.

That’s why it was interesting to get an email blast overnight from the Portuguese firm Moviik, which is very overtly looking for digital signage CMS partners who can plug Moviik’s capabilities into their CMS platforms easily and broaden their overall offers.

Says Moviik: Combine Your Digital Signage and Moviik Queue Management

There are several arguments to be made for CMS software companies to add queue management functionality – if they have customers with environments that have line-ups, waiting rooms, capacity limits or appointments and check-ins. One of the interesting things about the dynamics of queue management is that the screens that show status are incredibly “sticky” – something people look at over and over.

There are not a lot of arguments for companies, though, to go off their core development roadmaps and write their own queueing controls code, when APIs make it easy to just build in functionality from a company focused on that. It’s the old argument about build versus partner and integrate.

I am guessing other companies with queueing management software also have partner programs, but it was just interesting to see one of them get up a stool and start waving to the digital signage software crowd that they should talk. Another Portuguese company also in the queue management game, called Q-Better, also has some sort of partner program, but I’m not sure how that one works.



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