New Lisbon Hotel Makes Projection-Mapped Garden-Patio Its Main Draw

March 4, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Permanent projection mapping jobs are growing common for a bunch of technical and cost reasons, to a point that the technology and creative can now be used for  efforts like the ambient entertainment at a hotel.

This is the enclosed garden-patio area of the Lumen Hotel in Lisbon, which now runs a daily “Light of Lisbon” projection show.

The solution uses three sets of twin NEC laser projectors in weather-protection enclosures.

Two NEC PX Series laser projectors using NP46ZL lenses are used for each wall, a total of six units. This 20,000AL projector was selected due to its high brightness, long life laser light source and robust build qualities. The set-up has BrightSign players, RTI processors, and Geobox controllers, with the whole thing automated and  remotely controlled.

“The video mapping installed at The Lumen Hotel & The Lisbon Light Show has transformed our client proposition,” says Alexandre Marto Pereira, speaking for the hotel owners. “Besides the show, which gives the name to the hotel, we use the Sharp/NEC solution to project other themed content for other events including our Christmas and New Year shows. It allows us to create a fantastic environment that transports our guests to a magical place.”

“We are able to adapt usage to project content to suit our corporate guests and it offers a unique opportunity to customize content to welcome special guests and support themed events. The visibility of the show produced using NEC projection has allowed the hotel to create a buzz, which, on top of the reputation we already hold through the quality of our guest services, has significantly raised our profile.”

A lot to like about this, but the PR job is kinda sorta terrible. Sorry, but …

I went and found that video because the Sharp NEC people, in the PR/case study, were so fixated on their hardware they treated the content experience as an after-thought. AV consultants will, of course, be interested in weatherproof housing, lumens and lenses, but the the people in the hospitality industry pretty much won’t care. They want to see what the experience looks like and delivers for guests. THAT will get them asking and maybe buying, not photos of the gear and server closet.

Exhibit A on what not to do on social media:

Show what it did and does, not what got used for gear!!! Sheesh.

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