Electrosonic, Igloo Vision Partner On Projection Mapping For Workspaces

March 2, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The PR needs to be read a few times to cut through all the marketing blah-blah-blah stuff, but if you stick with the effort, you learn the experience-focused pro AV integrator Electrosonic has developed a partnership with Igloo Vision to kit out workplaces with immersive collaboration spaces – rooms filled floor to ceiling with visuals.

UK-based Igloo Vision markets what it calls Shared VR – essentially 360-degree projection mapping in meeting and conference spaces, without the stupid, cumbersome VR headsets.

These spaces, says Igloo, are powered by the Igloo Media Player, which takes any digital content and puts it into a space anyone can use. Stepping inside an Igloo is a bit like stepping inside a giant VR headset. And because entire groups of people can get inside, it’s always a shared experience. It’s perfect for collaborative teamwork, training, and visualization. Igloo has worked on several hundred assignments for many of the world’s biggest brands.

Says the PR on the partnership:

With shared immersive workspaces, any organization can collaborate with a level of immersion that was never before possible. Customers will be able to view and interact seamlessly across any digital content and effortlessly engage with any colleagues based anywhere.

The two companies are working together to create inclusive, engaging experiences for all workers in the workplace through their innovative technologies that will allow customers around the world to have meaningful work done efficiently while also being happy at what they do each day.

Through the combined strengths of their global collaboration and shared immersive space solution, Electrosonic and Igloo Vision will exponentially increase productivity for businesses.

This global partnership is primed to deliver innovative offerings that do not currently exist in the market through integrations with leading collaboration solutions. Coupled with a global support model, this partnership provides enterprises with a simplified approach to delivering compelling immersive environments.

The companies’ shared vision is one of improving the way people work and live by providing powerful tools with immersive experiences across all kinds of workspaces: from flexible workplaces like co-working spaces or any retail environment to permanent spaces that need new ways to engage employees.

Some of the assertions about this sort of thing making work more efficient and driving employee happiness are a bit of a reach. And what you gain in being immersive you lose in not being able to interact quite as much as using digital whiteboards. The projections can be interactive, with within some limits, by the looks of it. That noted, I think this has a place in some companies.

I also like the systemized nature of this, in that this a bit like those LED bundles. If, for example, a real estate development company wanted something akin to a presentation/customer briefing center, something custom could be built that does projection mapping. But between Igloo’s tech and Orlando-based Electrosonic’s execution, the recipe and ingredients are already pretty much organized.

  1. Rein Taul says:

    So it’s a CAVE.

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