DISPLAX Turns Stretched 86-Inch LCD Into Wall-Mounted Piano

February 28, 2022 by Dave Haynes

This is a clever interactive display experience that converts an 86-inch stretch LCD display into a electronic keyboard.

The demo developed by the Portuguese interactive technology shop DISPLAX probably has a limited range of practical applications, but has the benefit of being something loads of people would play with in a trade show stand, museums or certain retail environments.

It’s also one of the first times I have seen one of these “bar-type” stretch displays get a touch overlay, in this case the company’s premium Skin Ultra product that gets laminated atop the display face.

Kinda neat.

  1. Miguel Fonseca says:

    one of the challenges we wanted to overcome was the touch speed and performance; typically it´s perceived as slow but as music is demanding on speed of the touch we used the concept to proove we can handle it and resulted on this nice piece of hardware 🙂

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