Digital Billboards In Ukraine Being Used To Dissuade, Insult Russian Invaders

February 28, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip To Nurlan at Digital Signage Pulse for noting this …

Digital billboards in many western countries have lit up in the past week with visuals and statements aimed at supporting Ukrainians as they deal with the invasion of Russian troops, but I hadn’t thought about how digital boards could be used to talk directly to the invaders.

It may represent a fraction of the displays around the country’s main cities for all I know, but a quick search of Twitter reveals lots and lots of Tweets showing LED boards along roadways that have blunt messages that Russians would see should they make it into these cities.

Some are variations on the general message to soldiers to turn around and go home, such as: “Russian soldier, stop! Putin lost and the whole world stands with #Ukraine! Leave Ukraine without blood on your hands.”

Others are quite a bit saltier and suggest the soldiers go … you get the idea.

Analog signs have also been swapped out or painted over to include quick, rough-looking messages.

This (below) is my favorite sign, though not digital, and nowhere near the war zone. I have a lot of Scottish DNA, so this protest banner just appeals to me, even if I am not sure what much of it says other than go away. Glaikit is a slang term for stupid/foolish and Bawbag is scrotum. So the sentiment is clear.


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