Hughes Wins BurgerFi Deal Bundling Digital Signage With Network Infrastructure, Managed Services

February 24, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Here’s a good example of how a service provider can win digital signage deals by also bringing a lot of other capabilities to the dance – Hughes Network Systems enabling the guest experience in the BurgerFi restaurant chain by providing all the networking technology, signage software and managed services.

The fast casual chain and a sister brand called Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza & Wings have contracted Hughes – which is based in the DC area but has its digital signage team out in Salt Lake City – to build, manage and support the enterprise network for the restaurants and ghost kitchens.

Services under the agreement, says the PR, include primary and backup connectivity for every site, SD-WAN, LAN switches, network security, guest Wi-Fi, Voice over IP (VoIP), digital signage and more. Delivered as part of the HughesON portfolio of managed services capabilities, the network comes with 24/7 support, web-based portal management, and artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) for optimal performance.

“We welcome the opportunity to support BurgerFi in their mission to evolve the fast-casual dining experience with a focus on technology and innovation,” says Dan Rasmussen, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Division at Hughes. “We consider ourselves a true partner in helping our customers achieve their business objectives: our expertise in solving BurgerFi’s networking challenges enables their leadership to focus on growing their business.”

The deal comes as BurgerFi expands its footprint in the US, primarily along the eastern seaboard.

“At BurgerFi, we are committed to adopting technology that enhances customer and employee experiences,” says Karl Goodhew, Chief Technology Officer at BurgerFi. “As we look to the future, our growth plan will be catalyzed by incorporating features and technologies like digital menu boards, in-car ordering and ghost kitchens, as well as on-site robots that support BurgerFi’s greatest asset – our dedicated employees.” 

Big telecoms have tried and mostly failed – at least in Canada and the US – to market digital signage bundled with layers of telecommunications-oriented services. From what I have seen, they tend to be regarded by end-users as too big and not all that invested or experienced in what they are trying to sell and deliver. They also charge too much because that’s what they do.

The distinction with Hughes is that it has a business unit that has long been directly in the business – and not re-marketing a third-party partner’s software and services. Hughes acquired a digital signage software and solutions firm called Helius some 14 years ago and have continued to support and nurture it.

The interesting variation on a tech giant selling bundled solutions is with companies like Samsung, which can sell LCD and LED displays in the concourse and seating areas of stadiums and arenas, but then also sell the venue TVs, fridges and microwaves for the suites. Plus CMS software (MagicINFO).

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