A Regular Billboard Pylon Won’t Do When It’s Beside “The Most Beautiful Building On Earth”

February 23, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Large format Digital OOH LED displays along roadways tend to big rectangles stuck atop or on the sides of buildings, or perched above a utilitarian pole or column, so it’s a bit unusual to see a set-up that looks like it came out of a creative design studio.

In this case, the extra effort and investment has a lot to do with where it is – close by a just-opened structure its backers suggest is now the most beautiful building on Earth.

Yesterday, the Dubai OOH media company Backlite Media switched on what it calls the Jawhara, a 24-meter tall LED board on the Sheikh Zayed Road, the super-busy main arterial road that runs by through Dubai. It sits opposite the Museum of the Future, which also opened Tuesday. The new innovation center has an impossible-to-miss ring shape that rises 77 meters and spreads over an area of 30,000 square meters.

It looks pretty amazing, which makes me wonder, at least a bit, if motorists will even notice a nearby billboard. Just saying …

“Launching the latest in our Landmark Series, The Dubai Jawhara is a truly iconic digital advertising structure, up there along with the world’s best advertising signs. We are proud of our continued innovation in the Dubai digital outdoor advertising space,” says James Bicknell, CEO at Backlite Media.

Says Backlite of the structure, which is a bit reminiscent of a Celtic harp (think Guinness logo):

The Dubai Jawhara’s awe-inspiring structure was built by Yerevan Steel with assembly and finishing by Blue Rhine Industries, who are experts in the field of large-format outdoor digital signage displays. The screens were manufactured by Daktronics, a highly sought-after leader in digital billboard technology.

The Jawhara consists of two screens with a total display area of 177m2 and an impressive colour capacity of 281 trillion colours. Each screen has a display Intensity of 10,000 nits which have 256 levels of brightness controls. Standing at 24 meters high, the new digital screen is sure to garner attention and display a brand’s artwork in pristine quality. 

Putting budget into the display structures is not new for Backlite, which has two other what it calls landmark display positions along the freeway that is lined on each side by Dubai’s over-the-top office and residential high rises.

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