Custom LCD Maker Bluefin Starts Marketing Open OS All-In-One Panels

February 22, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The Atlanta-area custom LCD manufacturer Bluefin International has been around the industry for several years marketing a variety of retail-centric screens that have BrightSign media play-out hardware built-in, but now the company has added a series with a dual CPU set-up that can run Android 10 or different flavors of Linux like Debian.

Bluefin’s new R Series comes in a variety of sizes – from 10’’ to 43’’ – and options include interactive touch, Wi-Fi, and  (Power Over Ethernet). It uses Rockchip ARM processors, with these specs:

“The R Series suite of all-in-one displays creates new possibilities within Bluefin’s core line-up. Integration into multiple screen sizes, form factors, and the ability to customize sets us apart. We see these displays going into retail and hospitality venues, or into point-of-purchase fixtures,” says Randy Guy, Owner of Bluefin International. “The dual CPU delivers powerful performance and offers crisp graphics to enhance the customer experience.”

The company, which gets manufacturing done in Shenzhen, China, suggests the open-source software nature of the series will be attractive to developers and solutions providers who want the flexibility and freedom to design in their preferred CMS or OS.

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