Digital Displays Evolving From Trade Show Add-Ons To Main Components In Stands

February 14, 2022 by Dave Haynes

It was about four or five years ago when rental LED displays came up enough in visual quality and durability and down enough in price to make them feasible as backdrops, headers and feature walls in trade show exhibits.

Back then, you’d see them here and there – and mostly as add-ons, save the biggest brands at giant events like the Detroit auto show and CES, who were early, deep-pocketed adopters.

Now LED displays that you could broadly call digital signage are pretty common at events, and sometimes the big Wow Factor thing that sets the experience and pulls attendees in.

Consider this stand for an energy technology company at a summit in Abu Dhabi., which is like an AV showroom with LED on circular and rectangular fixtures, headers and the floor. There’s also an interesting video wall using a set of tiled stretch LCDs.

The set-up was pulled together by the Dubai-based firm dotbeto. Very impressive, and effective, I think. Conventional events exhibits with printed material can look amazing, of course, but digital provides the ability to add motion and catch the eye, and more to the point, run multiple messages.

Here’s a video:

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