UK’s HYPERVSN Launches 2nd Gen Version Of Its Spinning LED Displays

February 10, 2022 by Dave Haynes

HYPERVSN, the UK firm known in digital signage and pro AV circles for those spinning LED light wand thingies, has released the next-generation of its products – finer, brighter and better integrated with the broader signage and AV ecosystem.

The new generation platform is called HYPERVSN SmartV and has a variety of advancements, notably:

The SmartV solution runs on Android and allows connections to things like tablets and voice controls, as well as motion sensors and real-time data triggers for interactive and reactive content experiences. The units are also inherently power-efficient, the company argues, the product of fewer light emitters needed (cuz they’re spinning) to produce a visual than a conventional LED module/cabinet of the same visual dimension.

“We’ve spent the last three years completely redesigning the previous generation of HYPERVSN technology. We have developed proprietary accessories to enable new, exciting interactive features and various installation options,” says Kiryl Chykeyuk, a HYPERVSN co-founder.

The company still insists on calling these things 3D holographic displays (they’re not), but they are by no means the lone offender among display vendors playing loose with terminology (most microLED video walls being marketed these days, as an example, don’t meet the technical definition of MicroLED). Don’t get me started on “seamless” or bezel-less LCD video wall  displays.

I remain ambivalent about these LED blade things. I’ve seen some good implementations of this tech in things like window displays and outside in bar and restaurant terraces (showing virtual birds). But there is stuff in this video that is more whizzy-bangy than practical, like the hologram-ish heads in a meeting room (like the featured image up top).

It’s interesting, but these sorts of wow factor products like kinda-sorta holograms and tablet screens on wandering robots tend to have Best Before dates.

The operations guy in me prefers to stay the hell away from moving parts on jobs, and these things are all about a madly spinning moving part. I’d wonder about their reliability, and have certainly, through the years, had photos sent to me of dead units. BUT … HYPERVSN has lotsa copycats, and those dead ones could easily be those of lower cost Chinese versions. HYPERVSN units come with 12-month warranties and the company says they are ready for 24/7 commercial applications.

Here’s a product promo video …

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