Leyard Posts Technical Drawings, Details On Its Role At Beijing Olympics Opening

February 8, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The plot seems to keep thickening over which Chinese display technology put together the feast of LED displays and delivered big visuals for the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympics, with giant LED manufacturer Leyard putting out material that shows drawings, behind the scenes photos and even the people who put it together.

This is on the immediate heels of other large display companies – liked BOE and Unilumin – also putting out material and making statements  that its technologies were behind the show.

Chances are, all three had a role, as well as others. Understandably, they’d all want to highlight their roles.  This post at least does the job of walking through what Leyard did – which was quite a bit.

Hat tip, by the way, to Invidis for digging this up …

As the display system and stage of the opening ceremony, the ground display system carries more than 60% of the creative performance of the opening ceremony. It is currently the world’s largest LED three-dimensional stage, with pixels up to 14880×7248 and close to eight 8K resolutions, which can perfectly present naked-eye 3D effects.

The total area of the LED display on the stage is close to 15,000 sqm, of which nearly 11,000 sqm are provided by Leyard, covering the floor screen (7,000 sqm) in the core area of the stage, the 60-meter-high ice waterfall, the ice cube and the screens on south and north sides of the stands; In addition, Leyard is also responsible for the design, construction and operation support of the entire broadcast system for the evening party.

In order to perfectly show the digital technology creativity of 2022 Winter Olympic Games to the world and cooperate with the original intention of director Zhang Yimou to tell a Chinese story, Leyard joined hands with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) to build an immersed experience space with 42,208 LED modules of 500mm square.



The post gets into a lot of technical detail and includes technical drawings and infrastructure photos. What was interesting to me is the thinking and engineering behind a floor surface display that had to survive all kinds of weather (the stadium is not enclosed), would look good on broadcast cameras (no moire effect) and had a protective surface that wasn’t slippery.

The whole project of the opening ceremony of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games spanned the summer and rainy season in July and August in Beijing as well as the winter and snowy season from December to February of the following year. In order to ensure the success of the opening ceremony, the design team of Leyard developed a high-performance LED display module with waterproof, anti-skid, anti-glare and high load to adapt to extreme environments such as outdoor low-temperature freezing according to the complex internal and external environment faced by the application of the ultra-large LED display module at the opening ceremony. The LED display and its components all meet IP66 protection standard, which can completely prevent foreign invasion, and will not affect the display effect when subjected to strong water spray.

The LED floor screen is also equipped with an anti-glare, anti-moiré, and anti-skid foggy mask, thus providing a soft video display screen for camera shooting and rebroadcasting in the full-focal distance without clutter and interference. 

At the same time, for the sake of safety, the structural components are mainly made of metal materials, and some parts are made of plastic materials with flame retardant grade, and the devices are distributed and designed to dissipate heat evenly, effectively avoiding the risk of heat accumulation.  

Before the opening ceremony, the staff adjusted the system through many drills and tests, and frequently installed and removed the system to test its tolerance.

In addition, Leyard has adopted quadruplicate backup for the system and pixel for the first time for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games to ensure foolproof.  

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