Where’d The Post Go???

February 4, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Every so often I will get material from vendors that details in words and images the work done with a customer – and 99.9% of the time, there’s no issue with passing that along to readers (if the material is worth passing along!).

But once in a while, wires get crossed or someone PR or marketing gets over-eager and sends me material BEFORE it has the OK from the customer. Almost always, there is a direct, proportional relationship between the size of the client and the reduced likelihood the vendor can name the client or show images or video of the work.

It is why stories and published case studies are far easier to find for small deployments and regional customers, versus whale-sized banks, retailers and QSR chains.

I had a few emails yesterday from subscribing readers who got an email brief about a specific project, and then clicked through to read the full post, only to get an error. It was one of those cases in which all the permissions were not first in place, so I pulled the post down.

Yes, I could be a hard-ass and say, in effect, “Not my problem. You’re the one who sent me the stuff. I’m not taking it down.” But what does that achieve?

So … if once in a while a post goes up and the vanishes, it’s probably not a technical issue. It’s an oops on somebody’s part.

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