Papercast Shows How Its E-Paper Transit Screens Handle Canadian Winters

February 4, 2022 by Dave Haynes

A lot of the discussion around the viability of outdoor displays tends to focus, understandably, on whether a screen can extreme temperatures and glare – but winter brings other challenges.

A small UK-HQ’d company called Papercast, which does e-paper displays for sectors like mass transport, put a post up on Linkedin that shows one of its transit stop displays being tested in Toronto last month. That Canadian mega-city can go through winters with mild temperatures and minimal snows, but it can also get smothered in white and seriously nippy.

From the post: When #Canada was recently hit by snow and extremely cold weather, we saw an opportunity to put our e-paper displays to the test. This is our 13” e-paper display chilling in -20°C to -28°C in #Toronto for 10 days. We are often asked whether Papercast displays can survive cold climates …

If you really want to test what Canada does to displays, you try Winnipeg or Regina for plastic-snapping cold in January or pretty much anywhere in New Brunswick for snow. But Toronto is a decent proxy this year.

Smart marketing!


  1. craig Allen keefner says:

    Solar powered transit signs are all the rage here in the US (less so in upper Midwest and NE)

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