Commercial Display Sales Almost Back To Pre-Pandemic Levels In US

February 2, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Commercial display and projector sales through U.S. distribution channels are coming back nicely after a big dip brought on by the pandemic, and despite supply chain issues.

That’s the word from the Southern California research firm PMA Research (PMA) in the newest version of its all-displays sell-through tracking report – which looks at professional large-format flat panel displays (32” and larger) and professional projectors (above 500 lumens) targeted at U.S. commercial markets.

Says PMA:

Combined professional projector and flat panel display unit sales and revenues through distribution both rose 5% over the third quarter of 2021. When compared to 2020Q4, units and revenues grew 29% and 32% respectively. This uptick can be attributed to an increase in interactive flat panel display (iFPDs) sales, and to increased sales of +10000 lumen laser projectors both of which added substantially to the revenue growth.

Fourth quarter sales are typically focused on consumer televisions and home theaters. This year, professional display sales were also strong as manufacturers tried to fulfill on the unprecedented high volume of display backorders. K12 education backorders for iFPDs and ultra-short-throw projectors were delivered through well into the fourth quarter, long past the typical education buying season. This pushed 4Q revenues ahead of the previous two quarters, and very close to pre-pandemic 4Q2019 levels.

Demand outstripped supply again this quarter for both projectors and flat panel displays. End users were eager to purchase any inventory available. This included many premium products with larger price tags, such as +6000L laser projectors, 24/7 and commercial-grade LCD displays.

PMA’s monthly tracking report is based on sell-through data and analysis on unit sales and market trends of projectors and large-format flat panel displays sold by leading U.S. AV and IT Distributors. As with almost all this kind of research, the full report is fee-based.


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