ISE’s Shift To May Creates Show Partnership With Global IOT Event

February 1, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Integrated Systems Europe’s COVID-forced shift from this week in Barcelona (sigh) to mid-May opened up an opportunity to partner with another  significant going on at the same time – focused on Internet of Things technology and issues.

ISE says it is joining forces with IOT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC), described as “the largest international event devoted to industry transformation through disruptive technologies.”

The two events are both on at the Fira de Barcelona in May, and the partner agreement means people registered to attend one show can walk into the other one’s exhibit halls at no extra cost. There are also discounts on access to educational programming.

The joint celebration of the two events, ISE notes in a newsletter this morning, will provide a unique opportunity to explore the crossroads between two different sets of disruptive technologies. Alongside ISE’s experts in audiovisual technology and systems integration, IOTSWC will bring to the table leading experts and companies working on Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins, Internet of Things and Quantum Computing. The goal of this co-operation is to highlight the common ground that offers new ideas and inspiration for attendees and exhibitors alike.
Pre-pandemic, in 2019, the IOT show pulled about 16,000 people.

This is a partnership more by circumstance than design, but a useful one for people on the technical side of both digital signage and pro AV. Increasingly tight and deep integrations between different business systems are directly informing, shaping and triggering content on more sophisticated digital signage networks – from restaurant kitchen operations to factory floors. That’s heavily driven by the sensors and other devices that fall under the umbrella of IOT.

A lot of smart people in Pro AV, in particular, have been saying for years that AV and IT are converging, and these shows running in tandem speaks to that.

ISE already had an area devoted to smart buildings, so it has an IOT component, but presumably the IOTSWC gets a lot broader and deeper.

For those people who WERE going to be in Barcelona this week, it is high 50s and low 60s and sunny this week in Catalonia. It is not as nice where I live (not even close).


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