Here’s A Pair Of LED Video Walls That Are Both Inside And Outside A Corporate Space

January 27, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip to Jamie Finnegan of Media Resources, who posted on Linkedin about this project

Putting LED video walls inside corporate lobbies is certainly not new, and the same goes for LED boards outside of office blocks. But here’s a seemingly unique (or at least rare) set-up that sees a flanking pair of interior LED walls extended to the other side of window glass to mirrored outdoor versions.

It’s at the Verizon Frisbee Campus welcome center in Silicon Valley, using LED tech from the Canadian manufacturer Media Resources and put in by integrator Diversified.

Each LED wall on the inside is using 1.2mm pitch, 1,000 nit cabinets, while on the other side of the glass there are outdoor-rated 2.5mm pitch cabinets that can push 4,000 nits.

The content on each of the two video walls syncs/extends across the indoor and outdoor units. I have zero idea if that is a steady balancing act between the settings of the inside and outside displays, or a set ti and forget, automated and sensor-driven thing. Whatever the case, it’s an interesting approach!

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