StratosMedia Adds QR Code Tracking, Management To Digital Signage CMS

January 25, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The lowly QR code – for many years seemingly more the subject of discussion than use – got a huge boost from the pandemic, with those more detailed bar codes popping up as a means to relay information and links during times of steady change, and also enable touch-free interactions.

That jump is usage happened with printed material and also with digital displays.

I never really thought about an audit trail for the use of QR codes by end-users such as retailers, but the need and ask was evidently there for the Australian digital signage CMS firm StratosMedia. The firm has developed and made available in its CMS the ability to generate, manage and report on QR codes utilized in both digital display content and physical media like posters and merchandising shelf or fact tags.

Both onscreen and downloadable reports are available, says the company, providing actionable data into audience engagement and message delivery success via QR code. Users are empowered to modify StratosMedia generated QR code’s ultimate online destinations, without the QR code itself changing. This ability removes costs and waste associated with reprinting and deploying new QR codes on printed material augmenting digital display messaging.

The functionality come at no extra cost to StratosMedia’s Enterprise customers. “The QR code Toolset removes the need for standalone 3rd party QR code/URL referral services, further increasing return on investment. This all adds up to a big win for retailers or any organization looking to engage fully with their audience beyond their physical space.”

I have no idea if this is something offered by other CMS firms, but it is nonetheless interesting. The earlier reference to 3rd party tools suggests this is something that normally has to be hacked together.

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