LED Goes Mainstream: Now There Are LED Video Walls In Car Washes

January 25, 2022 by Dave Haynes

If you needed more evidence for your argument that LED video wall technology has shifted from being a specialty product to a mainstream one, consider the Niagara Carwash chain in Germany, which is putting large-ish video walls inside those facilities.

The German publisher and consultancy Invidis reports:

The branches of Niagara Carwash are intended to underline the high standards and the all-round service concept of the car wash company. The advertising technology company Rehse Reklame therefore equips the car washes with the appropriate advertising systems – including digital signage.

This also includes two large video walls at the Dinslaken site, which Innlights Displaysolutions supplied and installed.

Despite the indoor location, the decision was made to use outdoor LED technology – due to the wet environment that a car wash entails. The product Innscreen LM 4.8 was used, once freely suspended in 6 by 4 meters and once wall-mounted with 5 by 3 meters.

Innlights appears to make its own displays, using Chinese partners. Assuming the units are reliable, saying they work happily in the nutty physical environment of a car wash would be a good little marketing message.

More detail on the project here, via Invidis …

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