Schools-Focused TrilbyTV Adds Mr. Bee’s Math Tasks To Screen Content Mix

January 24, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Education digital signage solution providers TrilbyTV have developed an interesting new content partnership that puts daily math tasks from a teacher named Mr. Bee on UK school screens.

The visuals present maths challenges to schoolkids, and add to a line-up of other visual tools being used already, including material from  Vocabulary Ninja, Rodocodo, Britannica and WWF.

“Digital signage isn’t just about screens on walls and delivering information,” says TrilbyTV’s Neil Emery. “For TrilbyTV, it’s about inspiring young people, showcasing their achievements, while helping reinforce their learning. That’s why our content collaborations with those such as Mr. Bee Teach are so important to support the next generation’s learning, utilizing school digital signage screens.”

Mr. Bee was created by John Bee in 2019, a practicing classroom teacher, says Trilby in PR about the deal. He needed resources that were intelligently designed to draw attention to particular mathematical structures. After creating them, he started sharing them and since then Mr Bee has gone from strength to strength, releasing books and developing subscription packages for schools, teachers and parents.

“My aim is to make maths make sense for all children,” says Bee. “The Daily Tasks are carefully designed to link arithmetic and a concept. They often use variation theory (seeing what changes and remains the same), so children may make mathematical links and connections. The use of stem sentences allows children to practice key mathematical vocabulary and develop their reasoning.”

Interesting stuff. I assume there are subsets of students who will find this stuff fun as they walk the common areas of schools, and another subset that isn’t all that thrilled about having math lessons follow them outside the classroom.

I did a podcast with Emery from Trilby TV last fall …

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