SiliconCore Says Its MicroLED Display Target Market Now Includes Consumers

January 4, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The longtime LED manufacturer SiliconCore is taking the interesting step of expanding its target market to include consumers – launching microLED display solutions this week at CES in Las Vegas.

The company was one of the first – several years back now – to show fine-pitch LED video walls at trade shows like NAB and InfoComm – but the price points and complexity made them very much products for deep-pocketed corporations. That’s changed …

By offering its proprietary technologies strategically to the market, SiliconCore will future-proof the LED display manufacturing industry with technology solutions which will propel MicroLED displays into the mainstream consumer market, says the company in a press release.

SiliconCore’s patented and scalable technologies produce low heat and low power with brightness benefits for close-proximity viewing, all at very high resolutions and unprecedented dynamic range. The latest innovations provide the market with more sustainable and reliable display solutions, imperative to the development of efficiencies in design, manufacturing, and cost reductions for the next generation of displays.

As the only LED display manufacturer in the industry to design and produce its own driver chip technology, SiliconCore holds the unique position of IP leadership for direct view LED displays with advanced power management, durability, and image quality.

“My vision has always been to see direct view LED technology in the mainstream consumer market, and I believe the time is now,” says Eric Li, CEO at SiliconCore Technology. “Our teams have invested years into building and perfecting the technology processes to enhance display image reproduction and performance.”

“The result is that our Common Cathode technology and other patents are uniquely positioned to provide the market with cooler and more power efficient displays for prolonged lifespans. As density of LEDs in panels increase, this is the only way to ensure product efficiencies. To have this adopted by more display technology brands will advance industry standards and push the market forward for large scale displays in the home, with SiliconCore spearheading innovation from the core.”

That last bit about being “adopted by more display technology brands” suggests that while the company could sell direct, it would happily license its IP or OEM for consumer brands.

A manufacturer that would be unknown to just about all consumers would be in for a rough fight with the likes of Samsung, which this week at CES is touting three fixed size microLED “TV” products – including an 89-inch that would actually fit a wall in the residences of regular people (as in not hip hop moguls or pro athletes).

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