Big London Roadside Display Softens Visual Impact With Living Green Wall On Rear

January 4, 2022 by Dave Haynes

I doubt this sort of thing would fully remove the concerns and objections of organizations and individuals who don’t like the proliferation in cities of outdoor digital displays, but an initiative from Digital OOH giant JCDecaux is an interesting compromise.

It is a 10 meter high LED board in poster format at a road junction in the Battersea section of London. The business side of the giant display totem that faces motorists is a typical LED face, but instead of a wall of powder-coated metalwork on the rear, it’s a living wall filled with greenery.

A JCDecaux UK exec described, via Linkedin, how the display “overlooks the main road while the living wall on the back of the screen looks out over a day centre offering a pleasant outlook. The 2,900 plants in the living wall help to provide clean air in the vicinity by filtering harmful particulate matter from traffic fumes.”

I’ve no doubt there are other reasons to object to big ad screens along roadways, and sure there is an “optics” side to this set-up, but it seems pretty clever to come up with something that softens the look of the necessary structure, and perhaps does some environmental good.


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