Delivery Cubes For Scooter Delivery Get Little LED Media Facades

December 29, 2021 by Dave Haynes

We’ve seen, through the years, LCD screens tied in with harnesses so they loom over the heads of people hired to walk-around with these portable digital signs.

And we’ve seen, for many years, LCD and then LED screens attached to the tops of taxis and, more recently, ride share cars.

Now LED displays are being integrated into the boxes used by delivery people using scooters and pedaled bikes, to run ads and promotions. There’s even a version for soft courier bags.

This is product promoted by the UK wing of the Swedish display technology firm Swedx. The container/box versions use 2MM pitch LED, so the visuals look pretty good. Six or seven years ago, the cost per sq. meter for that kind of fine pitch LED was something like $25,000, so this sort of concept would have been completely unworkable financially (as well as technically). But prices have come way down, as have other aspects – includind the ability to make these panels super-slim.

It’s an interesting concept for dense urban centers, perhaps more so in Asian cities like Taipei and Jakarta. I am curious how the things are powered.

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