Huge Mesh LED Clads Side Of Shenzhen’s Broadcasting Center

December 21, 2021 by Dave Haynes

It’s a little disappointing to see one of the largest LED manufacturers in the world putting out misleading marketing messages, but I suppose the same could be said about assertions made over the years by flat panel display giants.

If you have been around this industry for a while, you will recall seeing lots of LCD video walls billed as seamless, and thinking to yourself: “But I can clearly see seams???”

So here we have Unilumin showing an impressively big and crisp outdoor LED display that occupies much of one side of the Shenzhen Broadcasting and Television Center in that city. it is described as “Asia’s largest naked eye 3D large screen.” That screen is a 25mm pitch semi-transparent mesh LED that covers about 5,000 square meters.

I note this because it looks good and is possible to do on the side of a building like this because it is using the lighter weight and footprint of what Unilumin calls an “outdoor grille screen.” But, the important thing to bear in mind here, for end-users and integrators who don’t have a lot of experience with LED, is that there is no specific 3D capability for this screen, or any others marketed lately as naked eye 3D screens. The visuals are all about the illusions developed by clever creatives.

What you see here is what you would see on a screen not touted to be a naked eye 3D screen, and the same illusion would appear even on your home TV. The display is just the canvas. The work, and sometimes the magic,  is in the creative.

There have been glasses-free screen products on the market – first as LCD and then LED – but they have never come close to being mainstreamed. The LED ones I have seen at trade shows looked, and I am being generous here, like hell.

  1. Gary Feather says:

    Dave Haynes…The Unilumin Tech team is very solid. I suggest Tech talk with Marketing; help them better communicate the truth and value of their solutions. Also Marketing should give credit/cite the amazing creatives using this canvas.

  2. Source says:

    You just need to understand that culturally China create their typos, hence we know 3D may culturally looks like “that” for westerners, as for Chinese market, any other thing would be well accepted…

    Take into consideration the “XR Production” application. Everything using Camera+LED Backdrops are XR for them – broadcast, film, Live, Hybrid…

    So less hate more love.

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