Re-booted DSE Revives Awards Program Under A Very Vegas-Appropriate Handle: The DIZZIES

December 16, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The re-boot of DSE is continuing, with the Digital Signage Experience team announcing today it has revived the awards program that was directly tied for many years to the now-defunct version of that trade show and conference.

What were the APEX awards before the original show backers Exponation ran into crippling financial troubles will now be known as the Digital Signage Experience Awards, aka DIZZIE awards. I assume if this gets traction they will be referenced as the DIZZIES, which seems appropriate in Las Vegas, as many people have the DIZZIES after things like a Peerless-AV party during DSE week.

The inaugural DIZZIE Awards, say show backers Questex, will recognize and celebrate visionaries from around the world whose digital signage installations and campaigns challenge existing standards and drive the industry forward. The 2022 DIZZIE Awards will begin accepting nominations today.

There are 12 DIZZIE award categories:

Nominated installations and content will be judged by distinguished members of the DSE and Digital Signage Federation Advisory Boards. One entry will be selected from the 12 award finalists for both the Digital Signage Experience of the Year award and the Digital Signage Content of the Year award.

DSE takes place March 22-24 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It is still far enough off that one hopes it can happen and not be clobbered by COVID restrictions and travel hesitancy.

One month is NOT a lot of time to pull awards submissions together, particularly with the holiday season in the middle, but a lot of companies may already have documents, images and videos pulled together for other industry awards. The smart companies understand the effort is worth it in terms of the marketing benefits of being able to say a company and project was a Winner or even a Finalist.

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