LG Starts Showing TV That Runs On Batteries, Pivots To Portrait, And Has Wheels

December 16, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip to Display Daily for noticing this …

LG In South Korea has started showing a new TV that can swivel from landscape to portrait mode, be easily moved around a house, and run on batteries for as long as three hours.

The LG 27ART10 TV, which also goes by the much more marketing-friendly handle LG StandByMe, is a 27-inch OLED that rests on a slim pedestal that has hidden wheels. It is reminiscent of a product promoted by Samsung – the Samsung Sero – but are different in terms of size and type (the Sero is a 43-inch QLED LCD), form factor (the Sero has a larger base with hidden speakers) and power (the Sero does not have a cordless option).

The LG product is only being marketed in South Korea at the moment, but it is interesting to see a major manufacturer dabble with the idea of cutting the power cord, albeit for a fairly short window. You’d need 4X or 5X that time to make it useful for commercial applications, notably a moveable retail marketing screen. I’ve followed the progress for many years a company in the Toronto area – Design Science – that has long had large format displays on wheels, with brakes, that can do 10-12 hours on industrial-grade cassette-style batteries. That’s the more practical answer to the problem.

But LG and Samsung have both been doing more and more with displays that have multiple use-cases, are portable, and can pivot from landscape to portrait – the latter handy for viewing material shot or intended for mobile.

Samsung has had its Flip digital flip chart  on the market for a few years now, and LG – along with this StandByMe – is starting to much more widely market a “Quick Flex” commercial display that can be wheeled around and viewing modes changed. LG sent one to me to use for a remote presentation to a showcase in Toronto last week. Slick piece of kit and dead-easy to use.

Shots of the LG OLED in both modes (the graphic artist missed the d in standby!):


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