Low-Rez LED Wall Part Of Art Trail Tied To London’s Wembley Stadium

December 13, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Here’s a good reminder, if one is needed, that good work can be done without investing six or seven figures in a fine pitch LED video wall.

This is a low resolution wall running ambient content on a pedestrian walkway at Wembley Park station, the closest London Underground stop to the big sports and events stadium at Wembley. It looks like the creative also ties in with a finer pitch wall on a bulkhead above the walkway.

The art installation, with creative from artists Yoni Alter, is part of the Wembley Park Art Trail around the area – which mixes mediums and, obviously, includes digital.

I note how good work can be done with the qualifier that this sort of resolution would not work for advertising or messaging with a lot of text.

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