WaFd Bank Using Hyper-Local Creative Content As It Rolls Out Digital First Strategy In Branches

December 9, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Washington Federal Bank, commonly known as WaFd Bank, has started rolling out a ‘Digital First’ communications strategy across its branches in Washington and seven other U.S. states – using a variety of screen technologies  and custom content.

The bank – which has some 200 locations – engaged the West Coast boutique solutions firm NewReach to design, develop and deliver the digital communications strategy, and the screens are managed and driven by CMS software from UK-based  embed signage.

Since the start of the project last year, says embed in a press release on the project, WaFd has deployed digital signage into more than 20 branches, including a screen-filled flagship branch at the bank’s Seattle HQ.

WaFd’s visual solutions include single screens, 2×2 and 3×3 LCD video walls and transparent mesh LED signage facing out to the sidewalk at the HQ branch’s ATM lobby. The semi-transparent window screen helps locate the ATM area, but also adds some privacy/security screening for customers using the ATMs.

NewReach’s content strategy included branch-specific content, including video shot in those neighbourhoods. “Then by using the features within embed signage such as rules for weather conditions, playlisting, scheduling and the weather widget with customization options, NewReach was able to deliver unique, localized campaigns for every WaFd branch that are also dynamic to the real-world local environment.”

Kinda happy to see the way this was done. There’s a big shift to LED for video walls, but there is still a lot of applicability – in budgets and resolution – for super-narrow bezel LCD video walls in places like that entry lobby. The wild card is ambient light and how/if the sun shines on that lobby. If it is beating down on the lobby, this doesn’t work because of glare and heat build-up. But if the lobby entry faces north, this can work just fine. Plus it’s Seattle, so rain happens, a lot.

Using budget for custom, hyper-local content – instead of blowing it on big dollar items like microLED – is also nice to see. Super-premium LED video walls are awesome, but they’re nothing without the right content. So if budgets have caps, making sure the creative is right is a wise strategy.

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