Posts Are Limited This Week, But There’s A 7 Pound, Five Ounce Reason

December 8, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Not too many posts this week for a couple of reasons:

1 – There’s not a whole lot shaking that’s genuinely worth writing about. I could work with some of the excited press releases I get about screens on walls in waiting rooms, but those kinds of projects were interesting in 2007. Sorry. Happy companies are seeing business, and that kind of meat and potatoes digital signage helps pay the bills for firms in the broad ecosystem. But I try to focus coverage on new, innovative, different, smart or various levels and flavours of crazy;

2 – My daughter Claire had her first baby yesterday afternoon, and we’ve been a bit pre-occupied by that. It got a little intense, but Mom and baby are doing just fine now. Little Beau MacLean is our first grandkid, so it’s a big deal and we’re running around doing this, that and everything – including me babysitting my daughter’s three cats and her 100% insane, whirling dervish of a Yorkshire Terrier.

Posting here and there but normal activity returns next week. Then again, it’s always pretty quiet this time of year.

  1. Tim Vance says:

    Congrats Grandpa!

  2. David Drain says:

    Aw, that’s great! Congrats!

  3. Wes Dixon says:

    Terrific Dave! Grandchildren are the best! (Should had ’em first!)

  4. Lee Ryan says:

    Congrats! The Yorkie is training for the toddler years 🙂

  5. Bruno Pupo says:

    Nonno Dave! God bless and congrats.

  6. Martin Fishman says:

    Nothing could be more important. Enjoy the special moments…. Congrats

  7. Pat Stimpson says:

    Congrats Pops … grandkids are awesome. I’ve got five … all boys. Love em!

  8. Jackie Walker says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy! They are only babies for about 15 seconds 😉

  9. Ann Holland says:

    Wonderful news Dave! Enjoy your time with all of them, baby Beau, family and crazy animals!

  10. Ken Goldberg says:

    Awesome news, Dave! Congrats to the whole family. Enjoy the little one, it is great fun and you get to give them back!

  11. Jay Leedy says:

    Congrats Dave!

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      Thanks Jay and everyone else for the kind words. I’m dog-sitting so haven’t seen little Beau yet, but will this weekend!

  12. Zack Rinvelt says:

    Congrats, Dave!

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