Have A Virtual Look Around Skykit’s Sleek, Minimalist Twin Cities Digs

December 6, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The CMS software firm Skykit spun out from its cloud software parent Agosto back in March 2020, and the team now has its own sleek, minimalist office digs in Minneapolis – nice enough to attract a feature on a site called OfficeLovin’.

“The new Skykit office space is a retreat; a place to focus, reboot and become inspired. “The design concept of the new office space is named The Cloud and focuses on the idea of technology and how the work of the teams are focused on the future and are untethered to past thinking,” says Betsy Vohs, Founder and CEO of Studio BV, which designed the space. “This cloud concept is really about the contrast of softness to the rigid architecture and focuses on transparency and layering to emphasize brand and experience.”

“The experience for guests and visitors is inspired and guided by the use of light to emphasize architecture details and brand. The entry experience features a focus on the two brand’s colors balanced by a soft white background. The architecture is all about curves and soft edges. The tile in the café area is soft and curved, the conference and meeting areas are wrapped in felt and are soft forms that help to add a touchable quality to the office space. The meeting areas and work areas are separated by the felt wrapped enclosure of the meeting rooms. This separation allows for privacy and focus to be maintained in the work areas,” adds Studio BV in the brief on the project.

I have been, through the years, in a whole pile of offices populated by software and hardware companies. Most, I would say, would be better described as furnished than thoroughly designed like Skybit’s, which makes a world of sense in an industry that has lots of bootstrapped, self-funded operations.

Very nice digs! I know industry vet Linda Hofflander – I think one of the staffers-in-black in those OfficeLovin’ pix – told me their new office was big enough to take on things like industry events. I am guessing that would be in the breakout space seen up top in this post.

I assume the room with all the screens is for demos and/or network management.


  1. Jeremy Gavin says:

    Well done Skykit! Way to represent Minnesota. Looking forward to coming by to check it out.

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