Citizen Watch Uses Transparent OLED To Create AR-ish Product Display In Macy’s

November 30, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Citizen Watch, which makes guess what, has set up a dedicated store-within-a-store merchandising area in the timepiece section of the flagship Macy’s store in NYC, doing what it suggests is “one of the world’s first consumer-facing augmented reality product display cases.”

The area has several displays, including a 3 by 1 flat panel video wall. But the big attraction is a display cabinet fronted by a pair of transparent LG OLEDs. By the looks of it, the way this works is the creative on the OLEDs overlays a set of actual time pieces mounted inside the cabinet. The creative is tuned to specific watches and either identifies the physical product with a white square on the OLED overlay, or by popping out additional, specific creative from that square or squares.

Kinda neat. The program was put together by Luminary Design, which as far as I can tell is a tech-centric design firm in Baton Rouge, LA.

The PR firm says given how it was surrounded in the “major Herald Square department store in New York City” by competitors, “Citizen Watch had to do something unique to stand out and draw attention. Leveraging LG Transparent OLED technology, the new retail display overlays mesmerizing high-impact digital visuals onto a watch display case to pull the viewer in as it showcases the real watches behind the graphics. Since the installation, Citizen Watch noted almost immediate upticks in traffic volume and sell-through rates. For the company and its customers, the concept store is a hit.”



  1. Dena beyt says:

    Great job Brian Beyt of Luminary!

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